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Help / FAQ

The Do's for Primary Photo:

What's a primary photo, you ask? This is the photo that appears on every page of your profile, and a smaller version shows up when other members search for matches.

In other words, this photo is how other members of the Millionairematch.com community get to know you. So make a great impression with these tips:

DO use a recent photo.
Within the last six months is best.

DO make it a photo of just you.
It's your moment in the spotlight!

DO keep it up-close and personal.
Most people like to use a good headshot or head and shoulders.

DO have it look like you.
Use an image of what you look in daily life, not all dressed up.

DO smile.
Our site's members find a smile to be the most appealing image.

DO crop out the "white space" around the photo.
Otherwise, your photo will appear smaller and the file size will be increased.

Do put your best frontal face.
Your frontal face which is not obscured will be more attractive.

The Don'ts for Primary Photo:

DON'T wear sunglasses or a hat.
They obscure the real you. Ditto for other distracting head gear, accessories, or, a really loud scarf.

DON'T use a dark or blurry photo.
It won't reflect what you really look like... and signals that you don't care about your photo.

DON'T submit that red-eyes shot.
Even if it's one of your favorites, the sci-fi red-eye effect is a deal-breaker, trust us.

DON'T let the background grab all the attention.
Keep the backdrop of your primary photo simple.

DON'T show too much skin.
Photos that are too racy won't be posted.

DON'T wear a big pattern.
In a small photo, a busy pattern can be distracting and unflattering.

DON'T cut people out of photos.
Chances are, it just won't look right. Find another image you like instead.

DON'T use images of celebrities.
Or copyrighted material, like an image of your favorite cartoon character.

DON'T submit photos of your kids without you.
Photos of you with them are just fine, though.

Add / Manage photos
To scan your photos, please go to the nearest Kinko's store and scan them there.
A place to share your private photos - choose which members to give access to.

You can view all of your private photo shares on who has access to my private album page.

Access to this feature is available to all users. However, only Gold Members can send private photo requests.
To easily share your private album, please go to the profile of the user you're interested in and click on the link marked "Share private photos".
In the main navigation click on "Free Sign-Up" and follow the steps. Creating and posting a profile is free and takes only a few minutes to go through the easy steps. Think of it as a quick sketch of who you are, your lifestyle, and what counts most in a relationship. Our questionnaire will highlight your personality traits and interests and enable you to describe your personality even further in a brief narrative. Why wait? Create your profile today!
To update your profile, just click "View / Edit Profile" under "Profile" and follow the simple instructions.
After logging in, click "My Favorites" under "My Lists" and you can check your favorite list here.
To cancel, click on "Other Membership Services" under "My Settings" then click on "Hold profile" or "Delete account".
Note: Your information will be kept in our database for two years. You may contact us within the two years to retrieve and reactivate your account; otherwise, it will be deleted permanently.
Please go to "My Settings" and click "Profile / Photo Privacy Settings" after login.
Please clear your browsers cookies / cache, then try again. If it still doesn't work, please contact customer service.

Instant messaging is a fun and easy way to communicate instantly with other members who are online. Once you have logged into your account, simply click the Chat Message tab and you will automatically be directed to the instant messaging screen. To initiate a private chat, click on the username of the person you would like to chat with. To log off simply close the chat screen.

We are striving to improve the instant messaging feature, should you have any suggestions that might help make it better, we would welcome your comments.

Should you encounter any difficulties in using the instant messenger, please contact us.

Click here to test if your browser has the correct setting to display Instant Messenger.

The above test will check if your browser supports Macromedia Flash, has JavaScript enabled and has pop-ups blocking disabled for https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com . If pop-ups are correctly enabled the window will open when you click on the link above. If the test fails, please follow the steps below to make sure that your browser is compatible with www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com Instant Messenger service.

1. JavaScript
You need to have Javascript enabled.

If you see a message saying Javascript is working, then you are OK. If not, then follow these instructions for enabling it here.

2. Pop-ups
We use pop-ups for launching the instant messenger. For all features of instant messenger to work your pop-up blocker should be disabled for https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com . For instructions on disabling pop-ups, look at the next post.

To have the best experience on www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com, it is recommended that you disable your pop-up blocker. Pop-ups are small windows that appear in front of a web site like when Instant Messenger is launched. We only use pop-ups to enrich your experience and never for annoying advertisements.

Some of the most common pop-up blocking programs are described below; the techniques for disabling other programs will be similar.

AOL Toolbar


Google Toolbar

Microsoft Windows XP SP2


Pop-up Manager (for Internet Explorer)

Pop-up Stopper

Starware Toolbar (for Internet Explorer)

Yahoo Toolbar

Google Toolbar
If the Google Toolbar is blocking https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com, there are three ways to disable it:

1. To let a pop-up through on a one-time basis, press and hold the "Ctrl-" (or) key as you click on a link to navigate to a new page.

2. The pop-up blocker can also remember certain sites (like https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com) and allow them to launch pop-up windows. To add https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com to your list of permitted sites, click on the pop-up blocker button after clicking the launch chat button. The pop-up blocker button will appear.

3. To completely disable the pop-up blocker, click the "Options" button in the Google toolbar and clear the checkbox next to "Pop-up Blocker" in the Accessories section.

AOL Toolbar
1. Click "Settings" on the AOL toolbar.

2. Click "Pop-Ups" in the "Essentials" tab.

3. In the "Web Pop-Ups" tab of the "Pop-Up Control Settings" window, select "Allow Web pop-ups from these sites" from the available options.

4. Enter "https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com" and click "Add". Click "Save".

1. Go to the "Tools" toolbar menu and select "Options...".

2. When the "Options" window opens, click on the "Web features" icon in the left-hand panel.

3. Uncheck the box next to "Block Pop-up Windows". Then, click the "OK" button to exit the "Options" window.

4. Alternatively, you can leave the "Block Pop-up Windows" box checked and click on the "Allowed Sites" button to the right of it. In the "Allowed Sites" window that opens, type "https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com" in the text field beneath "Address of the web site". Click the "Allow" button to the right of the text field and then click "OK" to confirm the addition.

Microsoft Windows XP SP2
When you install the Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Pop-up Blocker is automatically turned on in Internet Explorer and set to the medium setting, which means that it will block most automatic pop-ups. To allow Pop-ups from www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com:

1. Launch an Internet Explorer browser window.

2. In the "Tools" toolbar menu, point to "Pop-up Blocker", and then click "Pop-up Blocker Settings".

3. Type "https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com" in the "Address of Web site to allow" box, and then click "Add". Click the "Close" button to exit.

1. Open the "Edit" toolbar menu ("Mozilla" menu on Mac OS X) and choose the "Preferences" option.

2. On the right-hand column, under the "Privacy & Security Preferences" category, click on the "Pop-up Windows" topic. (If no sub-categories are visible, double-click on the title "Privacy & Security" to expand the list.)

3. You can either de-select the box next to "Block unrequested pop-up windows" to completely disable the pop-up blocking software, or add https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com to a list of allowed sites.
To do this, click on the "Allowed Sites..." button, type "https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com" into the text field, and then click the "Add" button to the right. Click "OK" to confirm the addition.

4. An alternative method of doing this is to browse to the
www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com website (https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com), and then click on the "Tools" toolbar menu. Choose "Pop-up Manager" and then select the "Allow Pop-us From This Site" option.

Pop-up Manager (for Internet Explorer)
1. Launch a new Internet Explorer browser window and navigate to https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com

2. Right-click with your mouse on the small color-coded area in the bottom left corner of your browser window. A red or green bar will appear called a "widget".

3. In the resulting drop-down menu, select the option to "Allow Pop-ups from

Note: In order to enable pop-ups on an individual basis, press the "Ctrl" key while clicking on whatever is initiating the desired pop-up window.

Pop-Up Stopper
If you have Pop-Up Stopper, an icon will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

1. To disable the blocker, right-click on the Pop-Up Stopper software icon.

2. Un-check the checkbox next to "Enable pop-up blocking".

3. You can re-enable the software when you are done using www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com.

Starware Toolbar (for Internet Explorer)
1. To allow pop-ups from www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com, launch a new Internet Explorer browser window and navigate to https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com. Once you are on the www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com home page, click on the Pop-up Blocker button in the Starware Toolbar . Once you do, the toolbar button will change to indicate that pop-ups will now be allowed from www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com.

2. To completely disable the pop-up blocker, click on the arrow next to the Starware logo on the left-hand end of the toolbar. This will display the main menu; select the "Preferences..." option from the resulting drop-down list. In the message window that appears, uncheck the box to "Enable Pop-up Blocker". Click "OK" to close the window.

Yahoo Toolbar
If Pop-Up Blocker is blocking www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com, there are three ways to override it:

1. Turn off Pop-Up Blocker by clicking the Pop-Up Blocker menu and un-checking "Enable Pop-Up Blocker".

2. Press and hold the "Ctrl" (or) key while clicking a link to override Pop-Up Blocker and allow any pop-up windows resulting from the click.

3. Add the source of the pop-up window to your "Allowed List" by clicking the Pop-Up Blocker menu and selecting "Always Allow Pop-Ups From...". Then select "https://www.www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com" from the "Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-Ups" list and click "Allow".

The Heart indicates a "Favorite" profile. The Crown indicates a "Premium" member.

When you select "Offline", you will sign out of the instant messenger. When you select "invisible", you still can initiate chat, but others will not see your username on the online list.

First, go to "Emails" on the Left Side bar, click "messages", and then you can see your chat history.

You can easily check your email by clicking "Emails" or "Winks" on the left navigation bar of My Account page after logging in. You may also go to your personal email box, which you used when registering.
Quite often email "spam" protection can block emails being sent to you through our website. To ensure you never miss emails, add us to your address book. Also check bulk / junk folder regularly.
As a standard member, you can't reply to all messages except winks sent to you by hitting "reply" at our webmail or your personal email box, which you used when registering. You can click on the profile link at the bottom of the "Wink" email. That will take you to the user's profile where you can reply with a free wink.
As a Standard Member, you can not initiate sending messages to others. To do so, you need to become a Gold Member.
We respect your privacy and will keep your actual email address confidential. To send anonymous email from your own email program, send email to:Username@www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com. If you want to use another email address of yours, change it first at My Account after login. To reply to email from other www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com users: just hit "reply" at your email account! When you reply to a Username@www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com, your real email address will be removed. The recipient will see only: YourUserName@www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com. (Note: If you reply to others from the sent folder or forward an email to other members from your registered email address, your personal email address will be disclosed to the recipient.) We do not save email sent through www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com. If you want to save email messages, save copies in your inbox.
If the email you're sending is being returned to you, it could be that: you are trying to send to an anonymous username that doesn't exist. Be sure to check your spelling. The person you are trying to contact is no longer a member of www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com. You are sending from an email address other than the address that you used when you joined www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com.
If you need to establish an email account, there are several Web-based services that provide email service free of charge. By establishing a free web-based email account and registering it with www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com, you can: Be organized by sending all of your www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com email to your Web-based email inbox rather than having it mixed in with your work or other personal correspondence. Send and receive messages from any internet-connected computer. Stay in touch with your matches even when you're out of town. After joining, if you'd like your www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com email directed to your new web-based email address, you must change your current registered email address in your Membership Info
You can follow these tips to grab someone's attention and get more responses.
1. Write more about yourself and your match.
2. Don't forget to add more photos.
3. The more personalized your email, the more likely others will respond.
4. Most people respond well to humor. Keep it light at first. Show them you are a fun person.
5. Try emailing more members. The more emails you send the better your response rate will be.
6. Sign in as often as possible at different times to meet as many members as you can.
7. The most important thing is to be honest, positive and patient in all uses of the site.
It is a quick, fun way to let someone know you're interested. You pick a one-liner from the list, and it's sent to the member of your choice. The member gets the wink in the webmail or email address and then can go to your profile and wink back with you.

All users can send winks for free. If you’d like to take it a step further, then upgrade to a gold member and send an email to start up a real conversation.
Searching allows you to specify the types of member profiles you want to see. You can conduct an unlimited number of searches by selecting the preferences and characteristics of your desired match. Start with zip code, age, and gender. Then narrow your search with physical characteristics, lifestyle practices, and relationship desires. Play around and try a variety of searches. You never know where you'll find your perfect match!
There are a number of ways to increase your number of matches. First make sure you have created a profile. Once you create your profile, our exclusive technology will compare your profile responses with those of other members to find the profiles that best match you. Already did that? The criteria in your profile may be too specific. Go to Search Profiles and try to broaden your match criteria. For example, if you have height requirements of 5'10" - 6'0", try expanding those by a few inches.
If you're not getting the responses you are hoping for, consider the following:
1. If you don't have a photo, add one. This is the fastest and easiest thing you can do to increase your responses. Statistics prove that profiles with photos are up to 20 times more likely to receive attention than profiles without.
2. If you're not receiving any responses at all, be sure you're checking for responses at the email address you gave us when you signed up. It could be that your responses are simply landing at a different email address. If you are looking at the right address, also check whether you might have a Spam filter that's catching your MillionaireMatch messages. Check with your email provider about how to add www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com as a trusted sender.
3. We recommend making a lot of initial contact attempts. It may also help to expand your search criteria in order to find more prospective matches. Be sure and take advantage of the custom search features of the site and experiment with different search parameters.
A blog is short for "weblog". According to Webopedia, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. A blog allows you to keep an online journal you share with others. You can add, edit, or delete posts and comments.
Comments are postings other people can add to your personal blog page. In the "View / edit blog description & settings" page, you decide if people can leave comments or not.
You can choose which blogs to watch, like your Hotlist, on the Blog Main Page and never miss an entry.
Original content is reviewed before publishing to the site. If www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com's Terms of Use are violated, the posting is denied. Examples of denied content include but are not limited to: personal ads, advertisements of products or services, and hate language.
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. The RSS link at the top of a member's blog allows you to set up your favorite RSS reader to periodically check and alert you about new posts in that blog.
As a member of www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com, you get your own blog homepage. From your homepage, you can see all your posts, recent visitors, the most recent responses by others, and your responses to other member's blogs.
1. Check comments regularly. No need to reply to mean or embarrassing comments. You can delete them and block offensive users from commenting further.
2. Post often. Once you get members hooked on your blog, they’ll want to keep coming back for more.
3. Most people respond well to humor. Keep it light at first. Show them you are a fun person!
4. Connect with other bloggers. One of the most amazing things about the blogosphere is how it has created a tight-knit community that supports one another. Developing relationships with other bloggers will lead more people to your blog, and give you a better sense of what appeals to members, which makes your blog even better!
Every member can apply for becoming our model of the month by emailing us the request. There should be clear and quality photos in the profile. The model changes each month.
A great way for Gold Members to create extra attention is by using this feature.

To become a Featured Member, please hit the link "Highlight Listing & Get Featured" under "Profile" on the top bar or go to "Profile / Photo Privacy Settings" under "My Settings" on the top bar and then hit the link "Highlight listing & get featured to stand out" under "Other privacy" heading to set it.

Or you can also go to "View / Edit Profile" and hit the link "Highlight listing & get featured to stand out" under the "Profile" heading.
It means proving your identity by uploading a readable and clear copy of your photo ID (driver’s license, State ID card, passport) or other related material. By verifying your information you are showing members you are real and serious about finding a match or friends. We do not disclose, sell or rent any personal, identifiable information to any third party organizations. All information provided is kept confidential.
To prevent communication from specific users, please click the "Block from contact" section on the left-hand side of their profile and block them. You will no longer receive communication from this user. This user will also be blocked from viewing your profile, or commenting on any blogs you've posted.

If you need to unblock someone you have previously blocked, please go to the "Blocked Members" item under "My Settings" on my account page. You'll be able to find all users you've blocked there.

Or, simply search the member you wish to unblock by username and then click the link "Unblock" on the left-hand side of that member's profile.
When a person lists "Other (not on list)" in his or her profile that means the person has an STD that isn't listed. "Other" may include thrush mouth, a bacterial infection, crabs, trichomoniasis, molluscum contagiosum or other STD's. Some viruses may be spread by sexual contact or by other means. Some viruses aren't listed as an STD on the web site as The Center of Disease Control and other major organization may not classify those viruses as an STD.
You can log out by simply scrolling to the top of the page. Located to the right, you'll see a 'Sign out' button. Click that button to sign out immediately. If you can't see it, your font may be too large. To change it, hold down <CTRL> and "-" to change the font size to view the whole contents of our site in one page. (<CTRL> and "0" to return to the default text size.)
An "Account Manager" is a staff member, who will personally contact you to learn how your experience on the site has been. He / she can assist you if you are having any issues utilizing the different features on the site.

Account Managers are available to gold members only.
1. We currently accept payments via:
  1. Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard or American Express
  2. Visa or Mastercard Check Card
  3. PayPal.com
  4. Personal Check or Money Order
2. Online payment: Credit Card and Check/Debit Card payments are made online using our secure server. Subscribe today for more details.
3. Pay by Checks and Money Order: Checks and money orders can be made payable to www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com. For detailed information, please go to "Update billing information" after login. Please make sure you include the name of the website you have joined (www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com), your username, email address and phone number. We will update your member status once your check or money order has been received. It may take 1-2 weeks from the day that you mail it. Try logging in periodically to see if your account has been updated. If you have any problems, please send your check or money order number, date when it was sent, real name on it, amount and email/username to support@www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com.
As the best dating site, we offer a very secure SSL environment for tens of thousands of our members. We have not encountered a single incident where the customer's information was compromised.

Our website is directed to PayPal.com. You actually enter all your billing information at PayPal.com, not at our website. Please double check.
At present, the system does not allow freezing gold membership. However you can cancel the gold membership by going to "Other membership services" under "My Settings" item.
In order to use your debit card on our site, it must have both a name and verification code. You may also try PayPal.
It will show up as SUCCESSFULMATCH.COM on your billing statement.
The payment processing company has difficulty in processing your card. Please make sure the billing address at our site is exactly the same as your card billing address. If it is, there may be something wrong with your card. Please ensure that all card data is correct, including billing address, expiration date, card number and verification ID.

And PayPal is a global online payment system that's convenient, easy to use and secure. Using PayPal makes it easy for you to make purchases online, and you never have to re-enter your credit card number or other financial information once your PayPal account is set up. Try it.

You can also use check, money order or a different card.
SuccessfulMatch is the name of the parent company, which owns and operates www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com and many other dating sites. The purchase will show up in the billing statement under the name of SuccessfulMatch for billing purposes.
  1. PayPal is a global online payment system. PayPal is a convenient, easy-to-use, and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online for goods, services, charitable donations, and so forth. It's also a full-service operation that provides front-end and back-end solutions to increase growth and revenue for merchants.
  2. Check is a financial document which allows us to transfer specified amount of money from user's account to ours A money order is a type of check intended to provide a safe alternative to sending cash (in the mail). Money orders are typically sold by third parties such as post offices, etc.
  3. Credit Card / Charge Card A card which can be used to obtain cash, goods or services up to a stipulated credit limit. The supplier is later paid by the credit card company which in due course is reimbursed by the credit card holder who will be charged interest at the end of the credit period if money is still owing.
  4. Check Card / Debit Card A debit card is a card which physically resembles a credit card, and, like a credit card, is used as an alternative to cash when making purchases. However, when purchases are made with a debit card, the funds are withdrawn directly from the purchaser's checking or savings account at a bank.
SuccessfulMatch is NOT responsible for any overdraft fees or situations resulting from customers using cards with insufficient balances to cover membership costs. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure funds are prepared to cover all applicable fees and taxes.
We offer three membership purchase options: (ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS)
• 6 months (about $35.00 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $210.00
• 3 months (about $45.00 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $135.00
• 1 month (about $2.30 / day) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $70.00
When purchasing a gold membership through check card / credit card / PayPal, please be aware that our one-month memberships automatically renew unless we are notified to turn off the billing.
For security purposes, we may contact you to verify your charge with SuccessfulMatch.
In order for you to spend more time finding your match and less time paying bill, your subscription will be auto-renewed at the monthly rate until you cancel gold membership. You can easily turn off auto-renewal on the "Subscription status" page after login or by contacting customer service or call 1-416-628-1072.

You can find "Subscription status" page by clicking on "Other Membership Services" under "My Settings" category.
To cancel your subscription / auto-billing, after logging in, click on "Other Membership Services" under "My Settings", then click on "Subscription status".

To cancel / hold your profile, please go to "Other membership services" under "My Settings", then click on Hold Profile / Delete Profile.
Of course! Both sugardaddy and sugarbaby profiles are available to everyone. Fill out and complete your own profile now to start!
A premium member usually means a gold member who is more serious about love and marriage on our site.
To earn free gold membership, here are some tips: In order to receive your free membership, please send confirmation information in an email to support@www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com (Subject to approval and implementation of suggestions)
Sorry, this offer is only extended to current / former gold members.
A free Standard Membership allows you to upload photos and create profile which will describe who you are as well as the kind of person / match that you're looking for. Other Standard Members and Gold Members will be able to view your profile. You can send free winks to anyone whom you are interested in. If you should receive an email from a Gold Member you may reply back for free to that member. However, you may not initiate emails or online instant message out to other Standard Members. That privilege is reserved for Gold Members. As a Standard Member you may also search profiles for free. However, you are restricted to a basic search which includes the gender you are seeking, age range and region . All other specific search criteria are reserved for Gold Members.
Check more details at our privileges page.
As you actively participate on our site, you are rewarded with credits for doing certain activities. In order to view your credits and credits history, you need to click on the "Earning credits" link or the number of credits on "My account" page. The resulting page will display the actions that you can take to receive credits that can be redeemed for some actions. Once you have earned enough credits, you can take part in some activities. Redeem your credits for your actions. Please note, we don't tolerate abuse of this feature. Any abuse message will bring about immediate cancellation of your account.
Thank you for your interest in our company.
We strive to make www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com the best Millionaire dating site available and are always trying to find ways to improve the site without additional cost to the members. There are other dating sites that offer free memberships, however, there are many expenditures involved in running a wholesome Millionaire site. We encounter more obstacles than most websites due to content. Gold membership fees are necessary to maintaining site quality. Live counselor, tech support, 24 / 7 phone & customer service support, broadband servers, programs and security are some of the few features that put www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com above the rest. You may be surprised to know that all the funds generated from www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com are what maintain www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com.
Successfulmatch is the name of the parent company, which manages www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com and many other dating sites. The purchase will show up in the billing statement under the name of SuccessfulMatch for billing purposes.
You have the right to cancel your subscription, without any penalty or obligation. For any full / prorated refund inquiry within a reasonable time frame or if you wish to make changes to your gold membership please contact our 24/7 customer service 1-416-628-1072 or email to us support@www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com, and we will be more than happy to help with your requests in one working day.
Filing a dispute for a legitimate charge is often illegal and can be very damaging. Heavy fines can be levied against the business as well as the person making the claim. You can be added to a blacklist, possibly affecting future purchases and your credit rating. Before taking this route, please contact us by email (support@successfulmatch.com) or call 1-416-628-1072.
Please go to our Affiliate Program.
  1. Don't post personal information. Wait until you feel comfortable with an individual before telling them things like your phone number or place of work or address.
  2. Never give out your bank account details or any other financial information. If you are approached by any member then report them immediately.
  3. Don't let anyone pressure you into giving away more information than you want to.
  4. Beware of solicitation - watch out for anyone offering financial advice or asking for charitable contributions.
  5. Even if you're arranging to meet someone, do not give out any unnecessary personal details such as your home address.
  6. If you feel unsure or threatened by someone's behavior, stop contacting with them immediately. Visit their profiles and use the block button to prevent any further contact.
As noted in our Privacy Policy and website, we take appropriate security measures to help safeguard your personal and financial Information from unauthorized access and disclosure. We want you to feel confident using our website to utilize the services we have to offer members and users. However, as we note in our Service Agreement and website, no system can be completely secure. Therefore, although we take steps to secure your information, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal and financial information, searches, or other communications will always remain secure. In this regard, users and members should also take reasonable care with respect to how they handle and disclose their personal information and should avoid sending personal information through insecure email.
To help us troubleshoot and assess the issue, please take a screenshot of the entire page when the issue occurs. You may then include this file as an attachment in your email. To take a screenshot, simply do the following:
  1. Press and hold down the "Alt" key on your keyboard. While holding down the "Alt" key, press the "Print Screen" key located just above the "Insert" key.
  2. Click the Windows "Start" menu and select "Programs" then "Accessories" then "Paint".
  3. Once the Microsoft Paint application is open, click the "Edit" menu then select "Paste". If you're prompted that the "image in the clipboard is larger than the bitmap", click the "Yes" button.
  4. Click the "File" menu in the upper left-hand corner of the Paint application then select "Save As".
  5. Enter a name for the "File name" field.
  6. Choose "JPEG" as the "Save as type" option.
  7. Save the file to a location like your desktop then close the Paint application.
  8. Attach the file to your email response and include any other relevant information.

Femme: A feminine lesbian.

Ultra Femme: An ultra femme is an over-the-top femme.

Soft Butch: A soft butch is a lesbian whose appearance is generally androgynous. She may dress and act in a masculine manner, but be soft and more feminine in the inside. Also, a soft butch can be someone who falls somewhere between butch and femme, but closer to the butch side.

Stone Butch: A stone butch is a lesbian who gets her pleasure from pleasing her partner. She does not like to be touched sexually.

Dyke: Another word for lesbian. Usually is only used by people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans. A straight person using this word may offend some people.

FTM: FTM or Female to Male. A biological female that lives life as or has transitioned to a male.

Bois: For lesbians, a boi is a woman who is biologically female, but has a boyish appearance or presentation. A boi may be lesbian identified or s/he may be trans identified.

For gay men a boi is a gay man who is boyish or young in appearance or identity.

Lipstick Lesbian: A lipstick lesbian is a woman who loves other women, but also loves her clothes and makeup and shoes. She tends to dress on the femmy side.

Drag King: A drag king is a woman who dresses to look like a man, usually for performance. Drag kings are often lesbian, but not always.

MTF: MTF or Male to Female. A biological male that lives life as or has transitioned to a female.

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1. Netscape Navigator 4.x (Windows and Mac): Click the Edit menu and select Preferences. Click on Advanced in the list of topics on the left side of the window. The right side of the window should now display a series of checkboxes. Find the box labeled "accept all cookies" and make sure it is checked. Click OK.
2. Microsoft Internet Explorer For Windows Version 5.xx Click the Tools menu and select Internet Options. Click the Security tab at the top of the window. The box at the top of the window should read Internet Zone. The bottom section of the Security window contains several buttons. Click the one marked Custom. Scroll down the list of options until you see the Cookies heading. In the Allow per-session cookies (not stored), click the Enabled button. In the Allow cookies that are stored on your computer, click the Enabled button. Click OK.
3. Microsoft Internet Explorer For Windows Version 6.xx Click the Tools menu and select Internet Options. Click the Privacy tab at the top of the window. Make sure that the slider is set at a level not higher than Medium. The bottom of the slider section of the Security window contains several buttons. Click the one marked Advanced. In the new window under the Cookies section, check the box labeled Override automatic cookie handling. Now you will see the other settings enabled and can be configured. Under the First-party Cookies section, click the Accept button. Under the Third-party Cookies section, click the Block button. Check the box labeled Always allow session cookies. Click OK.
4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x (Mac) Click the Edit menu and select Preferences. On the left pane, under the Receiving Files section, click Cookies. In the right pane, find the pull-down menu next to When receiving cookies and select Never ask. Click OK.
If you're having trouble with the speed of our site, it's usually one of three things: www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com may be experiencing technical difficulty. We know what it's like to be in a hurry to find love, but please try again later. The connection on your end may be the cause. Double-check your modem settings or connection speed to make sure you're connected at the highest possible internet connection rate. The internet itself may be experiencing a traffic jam. Try again at another time when the information highway may not be so heavily traveled.
We stringently enforce its Terms of Use and do not tolerate any violations. If you wish to report spam or complain about a certain member that is not adhering to our Terms of Use, please email the information to support@www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com and our customer care team will deal with the matter quickly and professionally in short time. If you come across a photo or profile that you feel should not be allowed on our site such as scammers, please send us the member's username with any pertinent information so that we may investigate the issue without delay. If you scam or spam our members, you will be held liable for damages to MillionaireMatch. www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action in its sole discretion against anyone scamming or spamming the website.
Protecting your browsing history on your personal computer is easy. Each of the major browsers has a "private browsing" mode that deletes cookies, temporary Internet files and browsing history after you close the window so others with access to your PC won't be able to see what sites you visited.

1. Chrome – Click on the wrench in the far upper right of your screen, then "New Incognito Window". (ctrl+shift+n)
2. Firefox – Click on "Tools" then "New private window". (ctrl+shift+p)
3. Internet Explorer – Click on the tools cog in the far upper right of your screen, then "Safety" and "InPrivate Browsing". (ctrl+shift+p)
4. Safari – Click on the settings cog in the upper right corner of your screen "Safari", then "Private Browsing".
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Please follow these steps to turn off your auto renewal on your iPhone:

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
2. Tap on iTunes & App Store.
3. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
4. Tap View Apple ID from the pop-up menu.
5. When prompted, enter your password, and then tap OK.
6. Under Subscriptions, tap Manage.
7. Tap the name of the subscription that you want to modify.
8. Turn the auto-renewal option to Off.
9. Tap Turn off on the pop-up to save your changes.

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact Apple directly at: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/
Please follow these steps to turn off your auto renewal on your google play account:

Go to payments.google.com. Along the left side of your screen, select "Bills and accounts". Select the subscription you want to cancel and click "Cancel subscription".
A quick and easy way to find interested matches. "Let's Meet" shows you the photo of a potential match. You can heart them, or you can skip them. When you are using "Let's Meet", if you and another member both slide each other's photos into the 'heart' pile, then we'll let both of you know by sending a notification email. If either of you slide the photo to the 'x' pile, then nothing happens - if you don't heart someone, it doesn't mean they're hidden from you forever.
It means that if you made an in-app purchase in this App but on another device you can restore those purchases with your Apple ID log in credentials without having to pay again.
Some members have advised us that they have received emails asking for 'confirmation' of their usernames and passwords. Please do not respond to these types of emails. They are simply phishing scams designed to collect your confidential sign-in information and likely violate your privacy. MillionaireMatch will never send emails asking for personal or account information.

Suspicious emails should be forwarded to support@www.lovepoemsandquotes.cb.millionairematch.com.

If you have already responded to a phishing email with your sign-in information, please sign into your account immediately and change your password.

If your sign-in information no longer works, contact us immediately.

The following are just a few examples of the phishing emails that have been sent to our members:


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